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Heathrow green points – Win 5000 Heathrow Rewards points worth 5000 Avios

Heathrow Green Points competition

When I logged into my Heathrow Rewards account I noticed this little box about “Green Points”:

Heathrow Rewards Green Points counter
Heathrow Rewards Green Points counter

Click through and you discover a promo offering the chance to win 5000 Heathrow Rewards points.

It doesn’t seem to be widely publicised, and with travel being quieter than usual at the moment, it seems that you will have a very good chance of winning if you are flying from T5 during March.

That counter shows that so far only 9 of these mysterious “Green Points” have been earned.

You need 3 green points by 31st March to be entered into the draw to win 5000 Heathrow Rewards points.

5000 points will exchange for 5000 Avios or Miles&More or Krisflyer miles, or a £50 voucher for Heathrow shopping or £100 for Heathrow parking.

You can also use Heathrow Rewards points for a substantial Priority Pass discount.

How do you enter?

Heathrow Airport International Arrivals
Heathrow Airport International Arrivals

At the security checks in Heathrow T5 you will find plastic bags for your toiletries and liquids.

The bags have a QR code on them.

Scan the QR code when you travel, follow the on-screen prompts to enter your flight details and Heathrow Rewards membership number, and you will earn 1 Green Point.

Earn 3 Green Points to get an entry into the end of month prize draw.

There will be a prize draw every quarter, but if you can get 3 points in time for the 31st March prize draw then it seems that you will be in a very small pool of people eligible for the prize.

The second prize draw will be at the end of June, when there will no doubt be a much larger number of entries.

Heathrow also donates 1p to Care International for each Green Point earned.

Join Heathrow Rewards here.

Heathrow Green points Bag
Heathrow Green points Bag

Terms and conditions:

  1. Entry is open to Heathrow Rewards members with 3 or more Green Points at time of competition draw.
  2. This draw will take place in the final week each quarter.
  3. Entry to the competition is free and no purchase necessary.
  4. A maximum of one entry per participant is accepted.
  5. Green point issuance and entry into the prize draw excludes staff.
  6. The first prize draw will be open until 31 March 2020.
  7. Points will be placed on the winning members account within 10 days of the prize draw’s closure.
  8. Full programme terms and conditions apply.
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