New Marriott Bonvoy promo – Elevated Earning 2020


Marriott Bonvoy have opened their new bonus points promo: Elevated Earning 2020

The headline is, get 2000 extra points per stay, starting from your second stay.

More details:

  • Registration open now – Register by 31st May
  • For stays from 17th March to 14th June
  • 2000 bonus points per stay from the second stay
  • Existing bookings do NOT count
  • Reward nights do NOT count
  • Only one room per stay per member

Register here.

Remember that consecutive nights at one hotel counts as one stay, even if they were separate reservations.

I value a Bonvoy point at around 0.55p, because it’s fairly easy to get that sort of value without too many restrictions on when or where you redeem, but you can of course get a lot less than that if you’re not careful.

With that in mind, 2000 points is worth around £11.

At cheaper locations, £11 back from a one night stay (after your first stay) could be a decent return. A bonus of 2000 points per stay is an incentive to swap hotel every night, if you can, such as when you’re in a city for a few days with work.

Overall, this is a very uninspiring and unexciting promo that will do absolutely nothing to drive extra bookings.

If you’re staying anyway, take advantage, but of all the current promos, Radisson is by far the most lucrative.

With the current Hilton promo, do 10 x1 night stays and earn 30k bonus points worth at least £100. With Bonvoy, those 10 nights would earn 18k points worth a bit less than £100.

The same 10 stays at Radisson would earn you 75k bonus points worth about £260.

You’d be getting triple points at IHG. With base points earned at 10 per $ that means 20 bonus points per $, worth about 9p, so on a $100 stay that would be about £9, broadly the same as Hilton and Bonvoy.

Remember that Marriott Bonvoy have a round of category changes taking effect on 4th March, which will also affect availability of reward nights during peak times at popular locations.

Also remember that you can currently buy Marriott Bonvoy points with a very generous (as good as it gets with Bonvoy) 50% bonus, until 25th March.

Marriott Bonvoy: Atlantis
Marriott Bonvoy: Atlantis
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