How to buy hotel points – All current deals and values

Here are all the current hotel points buying promos, regularly updated.

You’ll also find the points values.

Buying points can sometimes get you amazing luxury hotels for a massive discount.

See the stunning overwater villa I stayed in at the Conrad Bora Bora, and the Maldives beach villa with pool where 480,000 Hilton points can get you a stay worth around £12,000.

How about an overwater villa in Bora Bora worth £1400 per night but just 70,000 IHG points?

All Current Buy Hotel Points Promos – September 2020

Hilton: 100% bonus until 25th September

Melia: 40% bonus until 31st October. Buying Melia points stops your points expiring

Hyatt: 33% bonus until 30th September

Bonvoy: 50% bonus until 22nd October and annual limit tripled to 150k

Hilton Honors

honors white HR

Hilton Buy Points page

Annual limit: 80000

Point value: 0.35p

Standard price: $10 per 1000 (~0.8p per point)

Worth buying during 100% bonus promos, especially for premium locations like Maldives, Bora Bora, New York, or at busy times.

Transfer in from:
Amex: 1MR = 2 Hilton
Virgin Flying Club: 2 VFC = 3 Hilton

Deals history:
Sep 2020: 100%
Jan 2020: 100%

Radisson Rewards

Radisson LOGO RGB

Radisson Buy Points page

Annual limit: 80000

Point value: 0.35p

Standard price: $7 per 1000 (~0.55p per point)

Amex MR points at 1:3 is decent value.
May be worth buying during bonus periods for premium room redemptions at peak times.
Commonly 70000 points for a standard room which would be £425 if buying points, so almost never worth it.

Transfer in from:
Amex: 1MR = 3 Radisson

Deals history:
Oct 2019: 30% bonus

IHG Rewards Club


IHG Buy Points page

Annual limit: 100000

Point value: 0.45p

Standard price: Sliding scale – $13.50 for 1000 (~1p) at the bottom end, improving to ~0.77p when buying 26000+

Frequent 100% bonuses.
Occasional annual limit increases.
Worth buying during 100% bonus promos, especially for premium locations like Bora Bora or at busy times.

Transfer in from:
Virgin Flying Club: 1VFC = 1 IHG

Deals history:
Feb 2020: 75% bonus, 150k limit

Marriott Bonvoy


Bonvoy Buy Points page

Annual limit: 50000

Point value: 0.55p

Standard price: £12.50 for 1000 (~0.96p)

Occasional annual limit increases.
The annual limit of 50000 means you need to be earning in other ways to get enough for a decent redemption.

Transfer in from:
Amex: 2MR = 3 Bonvoy

Deals history:
Oct 2020: 50% bonus
Feb 2020: 50% bonus
Dec 2019: 30% bonus

World of Hyatt

Hyatt Buy Points page

Annual limit: 55000

Point value: 1.2p

Standard price: $24 for 1000 (~1.85p)

Worth buying during bonus promos for more expensive properties such as Park Hyatt.

Deals history:
Sep 2020: 25% bonus
Feb 2020: 25% bonus
Dec 2019: 40% bonus

Melia Rewards

MeliaRewards logo

Melia Buy Points page

Annual limit: There is a limit of 150,000 per transaction but seemingly no annual limit

Point value: 0.75p

Standard price: €5 per 1000 (~0.42p)

Stops expiry.
Regular promotions on Black Friday can bring exceptional value.
Putting a value on Melia points is hard but I have regularly achieved well over 1p. My 0.75p is conservative.
It varies wildly by property according to cash rates, but before booking a Melia I check the points cost.
Even at the standard price it can be a significant saving to buy points.
Not always though. Don’t assume you can get this value at all hotels all the time.

Deals history:
Sep 2020: 40% bonus
Nov 2019: Black Friday discount €3.60 per 1000 instead of €5.00 (~40% bonus)

Shangri La Golden Circle

Shangri La Buy Points page

Annual limit: 10000

Point value: 7p

Standard price: $6.50 for 50 (10p per point)

Points value hard to measure. The best I’ve ever done on rooms is 7p in Fiji and Hong Kong.

If it’s useful to you, the best value is up to 7-10p per point on dining. 1000 GC points gets you a $100 dining voucher. You can get $125 per 1000 points if you have Gold status. Depending on exchange rate, 7p is the floor for a GC point value.

Deals history:

Wyndham rewards

Wyndham Buy Points page

Annual limit: 10000

Point value: 0.45p

Standard price: $13 for 1000 (~1p)


Deals history:

A note on points redemption value

People argue about how to calculate the value of a point. Take a room where the cash rate is £100 and it costs 20,000 points. The simple calculation suggests that you’re getting 0.5p per point. Each point saves you paying 0.5p.

A lot of people like to consider the points you would earn on that stay, which represents a discount off future stays. For example, as a Hilton Diamond you would earn 20 points per $. That means about £9 back on this stay. So your effective cost would have been £91, and the redeemed points value is 0.45p.

Fortunately at Hilton, reward nights still earn any bonus points from promos or status “My Way” options, but at others that’s not the case. Hilton reward nights count for status, but that’s not true at some others, so you have to consider your targets.

The points you earn varies according to your status, so you have to account for that. Reward nights are refundable, so do you compare against the refundable rate, or would you only actually buy the cheapest AP rate so that’s what you should compare against?

When you’re considering buying points, you should simply be looking for a redemption value that is much more than what you’re paying. If the redemption value is double the purchase cost then you can forget about all the other maths and just get on with it.

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