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Priority Pass discount up to 44% / £52 at Heathrow Rewards

Priority Pass discount via Heathrow Rewards

There’s a little-known benefit of Heathrow Rewards, which is the chance to get a substantial discount off the cost of a Priority Pass.

There are other ways to reduce the cost of the Priority Pass. You can also get unlimited lounge visits through Priority Pass, worth £339, as one of the benefits of the American Express Platinum card.

Email info [at] if you’d like a referral code for 35000 bonus Amex Membership Rewards (MR) points worth 35000 Avios or other air miles.

The discounts

Priority Pass has 3 membership levels:

Standard – pay £20 per visit
Standard Plus – 10 free visits then £20 per visit
Prestige – Unlimited free visits

All levels have a £20 fee per guest.

At Heathrow Rewards, you can exchange a small number of points for a decent saving off the standard membership fees. The Priority Pass discount for each level is:

Standard – 50 points saves £10 off £69, plus 1 free visit worth another £20
Standard Plus – 75 points saves £36 off £189
Prestige – 100 points saves £52 off £339

If you factor in the free visit on the Standard membership, that’s a discount of:

Standard – 44%
Standard Plus – 19%
Prestige – 15%

That’s not too shabby.

How to get Heathrow Rewards points

The best part of this is that if you don’t already have a Heathrow Rewards membership then you can get 100 free points for joining through this link.

Once you’ve joined, details of the Priority Pass discounts are here.

You can also very easily pick up Heathrow Rewards miles with hotel bookings through Rocketmiles. Even the cheapest booking gets 500 miles, and there are frequent bonuses.

Heathrow Rewards points can be converted to Avios, Miles&More, KrisFlyer, and more. They can also be exchanged for Heathrow shopping vouchers.

500 Heathrow Rewards points will get you a £5 shopping voucher.

Taking that as the exchange rate, the 50 points required to get the Priority Pass discount off the Standard membership gives much higher value than 50p of shopping.

Join Rocketmiles for Heathrow Rewards here.

Priority Pass gives you access to some great lounges, and some very interesting ones. For example, the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge or the Calpe lounge at Gibraltar.

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