GEGO Luggage Tracker 2020 Review – Still the best?

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Rating ★★★★
Price range £££££

My first luggage tracker was the Trackimo. It worked quite well, often alerting me that my suitcase was now near to the airport where I’d just landed as we were still taxiing to the stand.

The problem was the small battery which meant it was no use for long-haul flights.

I replaced it with the LugLoc. LugLoc had a much bigger battery and would still be active even at the end of a 24 hour journey with several connections.

It also worked quite reliably. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. The reason it didn’t work all the time was because sometimes it couldn’t find a phone signal on arrival, and occasionally seemed to not wake up.

Eight times out of ten though it would wake up, find a signal, and alert the app on my phone just as soon as my phone got a data service.

That’s important to know, by the way. For your phone to receive alerts from the tracker when out of Bluetooth range, you need to be online. Free airport wifi is often the answer, or a good mobile data hotspot.

See our review of the excellent GLocalMe G3 mobile data hotspot, and see our review of the best VPN app, which is something you really should be using whenever you go on a public wifi hotspot in places like airports.

LugLoc would usually alert me that my bag had arrived as I’m walking towards immigration and baggage claim. On smaller aircraft, I’d often get a Bluetooth alert saying that my bag is close by. 

I once boarded a flight in Myanmar, sat down, and watched the bags arriving to the aircraft just outside the window. I got anxious when I didn’t see my bag in the pile, but then LugLoc piped up to tell me it could see my bag by Bluetooth less then 10m away. Relief.

The best part is when you’re at the baggage claim. The app has already reassured you that your bag is in the airport, and then you get a buzzing to let you know that your bag has just come into Bluetooth range. 50m away. 20m away. 10m away.

Confidently step towards the luggage belt before your bag has even come into view, smoothly pick it up, and stride away, certain that all the other passengers now believe you to be psychic.

Nobody notices, of course, and if they did they wouldn’t care, and nor would you, but still, you can’t help feeling satisfied, even a little smug, at the success of your little gadget.

The GEGO Luggage Tracker is a vast improvement over the LugLoc, and that makes it the best luggage tracker on the marker.

GEGO Luggage Tracker Size
GEGO Luggage Tracker Size

How it works

GEGO Luggage Tracker uses the 3G GSM phone network to find its location, with coverage in 190 countries. An improvement over LugLoc is that it supplements this with wifi.

At close range, it uses Bluetooth.

GEGO has movement sensors inside. When it detects movement and decides it is on a flight, GEGO turns off to save battery. When movement stops, it wakes up and starts looking for its location. Having found a new location, it sends a notification to your phone.

By the way, these movement sensors work the same way if you’re travelling by train or bus or car.

Turn it on, put in your suitcase. You’ll get notifications whenever GEGO stops moving and finds itself in a new location.

GEGO is certified safe for use on flights. It is approved by the TSA, FAA and IATA.

Like LugLoc, it is marked on the back as “Compliant with air transport regulations. Battery 2.6Wh, UN38.3 certified“.

I was once stopped at Shanghai Hongqiao airport because Chinese airports tend to be very strict about lithium batteries in luggage. There are lots of badly made gadgets with even more badly made batteries in the Chinese market.

When I pulled out the LugLoc and showed the markings they said “OK that’s fine”.

GEGO Luggage Tracker vs LugLoc
GEGO Luggage Tracker vs LugLoc

What's in the box

GEGO Luggage Tracker is smaller and a nicer shape compared to the old LugLoc. It’s about the size of a credit card or luggage tag, and as thick as a mobile phone.

In the box is a micro-USB charging cable, some number stickers to identify your GEGO if you have several, and an instruction leaflet which simply says install the app.

The power switch on the GEGO is a much better design than the fragile and easily broken one on the LugLoc. Next to it is a single LED that indicates charging and power status.

GEGO Luggage Tracker Contents
GEGO Luggage Tracker Contents

Technical specifications

Coverage Wordlwide (190 countries)
TSA Approved Yes
Battery life 10-20 days


Set-up is very easy. Download and install the GEGO app. Press the power button on the GEGO.

Your phone will connect to GEGO by Bluetooth. With LugLoc, this sometimes took a few tries, but GEGO locked on in a second.

The next screen lets you name your GEGO Luggage Tracker – you can manage multiple GEGO devices in the app – and you can take a photo of your bag to help identify it. You can change this photo whenever you go travelling.

(It’s good practice to take photos of your luggage before flying. I always take photos of my bag and the contents, in case it does get lost or damaged and I need to make a claim.)

The next step is billing. You can choose annual or monthly and get the 30 day free trial. You will need to enter a valid credit card, but don’t worry. It will clearly show that you have a trial service plan, and it will show the date 30 days from now when a first payment will be taken.

Cancel the plan before that date and you won’t be charged.

The final step is to pick one of the operation modes. GEGO has yet another improvement over LugLoc which is that you can tell it how you will be travelling and it will customise the way it manages battery life.

The free trial will also be confirmed by email:

“Congratulations! You have activated your GEGO for the first time. Your service plan is FREE for the next 30 days, so you can use your GEGO right away.

If you have chosen:

  • Monthly Plan: After the initial 30 days trial, we will charge $ 14.95 every month
  • Annual Plan (over $ 100 savings): After the initial 30 days, you will pay $ 76.00 for a whole year.

You may:

  • CANCEL your plan anytime. The service plan will continue until the end of the paid period. (Month or Year)
  • CHANGE your monthly to annual plan at any time.


If you’re in Bluetooth range of your GEGO Luggage Tracker, your phone will buzz and you’ll see the device location on a map, and a range indicator.

From the front page, you can click on Refresh in the top right corner to update the location.

I checked the Bluetooth connection by leaving GEGO at one corner of my house and going to the other end of the house. LugLoc had no trouble at this distance, but GEGO had less success. It worked from the next room, but not two rooms away.

That’s Bluetooth though, and your results will vary according to what is between you and your GEGO. In open space, it will be further. With walls and metal, it will be less.

The next test is to switch off Bluetooth on your phone so that GEGO is relying on the GSM network, and then go to a different location. My next stop was a few miles away, but just along the road GEGO started updating me.

At my destination, GEGO immediately alerted my phone and showed itself on the map.

An important thing to understand is that when GEGO finds its location through the GSM network, it only knows which phone mast it is close to. GEGO can tell you  it is somewhere near the phone mast it found, but not a precise location.

Your nearest phone mast could be some distance away. GEGO isn’t going to help you find your bag if you left in the woods somewhere, but it is going to tell you whether it is at the airport or at the hotel or in the back of the taxi.

With the added wifi capability, GEGO will give a much more accurate location than GSM alone. If you are in an urban area you can expect a more precise location.


GEGO Luggage Tracker is £89.99 at Amazon.

GEGO often have promotions and discounts, but you should know that if you’re in the UK and buy direct from GEGO then you will have to pay shipping and there is a very good chance that there will be customs charges to pay before Royal Mail will let you have the parcel.

Some people are put off by the cost of the service plan.

If you look on the GEGO site you will only see an annual service plan for $76, which is a lot if you don’t travel regularly.

In the app, you can instead choose a monthly service plan. This is $14.95 per month. Of course that would be a lot more over a year but you can cancel at any time.

This means that if you’re going away for up to a month it will cost you $14.95 to track your luggage out and back. Every time you take a holiday, you’ll be paying about £11 to track your luggage, which really isn’t much to pay for the peace of mind it brings.

If you’re likely to go away 5 or more times in a year, then go for the annual plan.

By the way, it is very easy to cancel the service plan at any time right in the app, with no fuss, no “call the service centre”, just press the button.

Our verdict

The best luggage tracker on the market

The LugLoc was great and worked a lot of the time.

GEGO Luggage Tracker is a leap forward.

It works nearly all the time, has better control, and is physically more robust. I never let a bag out of my sight unless it has my GEGO inside.


Is GEGO safe for use on flights?

Yes, GEGO is approved by TSA and at only 2.3Wh is compliant with FAA lithium battery regulations. 

Can you cancel GEGO service plan at any time?

Yes, you can easily cancel the service plan in the app at any time, and reactive in future.

Does the GEGO app let you have more than one tracker?

Yes, you can add multiple GEGO trackers in the app.

Does GEGO battery last long enough for a long haul flight?

Yes, GEGO switches off while moving and easily handles journeys of 24 hours or more.

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