Jurys Rewards Guide 2020

Jurys Rewards is a relatively small scheme but with some decent benefits and a very fair redemption pricing. Despite the small size of the scheme, I’m a big fan of Jurys Rewards and of Jurys Inn hotels. The hotels I’ve been in are modern and stylish, and the service is excellent.

They are continually spending to upgrade and expand their hotels, and the benefits package is well thought out and useful. It’s also operated very fairly – you will normally get your membership perks on 3rd party bookings, and they are willing to give a status match.

Jurys Inn Hotels

Jurys Inn have 36 hotels which are part of the Jurys rewards scheme. The number increases to 48 hotels in 34 towns and cities across the UK and Ireland thanks to the partnership with Leonardo Hotels.

Leonardo hotels includes some interesting 4 and 5 star properties, but is not part of the Jurys Rewards scheme. You can’t earn or redeem Jurys Rewards points with Leonardo hotels.

Jurys Inn also have some airport locations including East Midlands and Aberdeen.

The city centre locations are very convenient for business or leisure travellers. Many of the hotels have gyms and all have in-house restaurants and buffet breakfast.

Leonardo Hotels and Leonardo AdvantageCLUB

Leonardo Hotels has its own loyalty program called Leonardo AdvantageCLUB. The main features are:

  • 10% off online bookings
  • 10% off food and drink
  • Late checkout on request (not guaranteed)
  • Earn points or Miles & More miles

Leonardo AdvantageCLUB points expire 18 months after the last check-out. Earn 1 point per € (some hotels excluded, no points on in-hotel spend eg food and drink).

Points are redeemed according to a point value ‘exchange rate’ against the room cost. The rates vary by hotel category but are not published. The minimum number of points for a reward night is 500. Partial redemption is not possible.

If you take Miles & More you get 500 miles per stay. Unless you happen to stay regularly at Leonardo Hotels, this will be a better option for most people.

Tiers and benefits

Back to Jurys Rewards. There are 3 tiers. The second tier requires just 5 nights and brings real benefits. The top tier only requires 20 nights which makes it very achievable.

  • Floor 1 gives you a 10% member booking discount
  • Floor 2 adds the “Superior Room Package” and a Costa voucher
  • Floor 3 adds a drink voucher

The Costa voucher can be exchanged for any coffee at the in-house coffee machine, not Costa shops.

The drink voucher gives you a beer, wine, or basic cocktails like a G&T at the hotel bar.

The Superior Room Package includes mineral water and biscuits, an iron and ironing board, a newspaper and a 10% F&B discount.

You also get 12pm early check in and 2pm late check out where available, on request.

Bookings through 3rd parties won’t earn points but if you contact Jurys Rewards and ask them to add your member number to your booking then you do get the perks.

Coffee and drinks vouchers are one per person on the booking.

Earning Jurys Rewards points

Earning points is simple. You earn 10 points per pound spent on rooms and F&B.

Spending Jurys Rewards points

Points can be redeemed for rooms, shopping vouchers, bottles of wine, or food and beverage credit.

Rooms start at 5900 points in Newcastle, Sheffield, Bradford, Aberdeen Airport, and Derby.

There are 5 categories for room redemptions. Most hotels are in category 2 which is 7900 points for a room. The top category 5 is 17,900 for a room at Brighton Waterfront, London Holborn, and Dublin.

An extra 2000 points (in all tiers) gets you B&B. 5000 extra points gets you dinner, B&B.

There are some other useful redemptions for lower points. 50 points gets you an entry into the prize draw for a 2 night break. 1000 gets a breakfast. 4000 gets £25 food credit. 3600 points gets a £20 LOVE2SHOP gift voucher.

You can also swap for bottles of wine. The points value is better when you use it for rooms, but this at least means you have several meaningful routes to extract value from your points.

When redeeming for rooms, there are blackout dates at especially busy times, but I’ve always found it very easy to redeem as long as cash rooms are available, even when rates are at their highest.

What's a Jurys Rewards point worth?

You earn points based on spend, so the key to maximising value is to redeem when rates are higher.

Jurys Rewards suggest that you would get a free night after about 5 paid nights, but it all depends on your booking pattern.

Jurys Inn Sheffield is a tier 1 hotel at 5900 points per night. I stayed many times and usually paid around £59 per night.

That means 590 points per stay, so a free room after 10 nights.

However, I booked the cheapest non-refundable rates well in advance. Prices are much more commonly from £70 to well over £100. But it doesn’t matter. Regardless of how many nights it takes you, you are paying £590 to earn 5900 points.

If you redeem when rates are £100 or higher then you’re getting a return of 17% or more.

The higher points required at higher tier hotels reflects the higher cash rates, so similar values are achievable if you can be flexible with when you redeem.

If you used 5900 points for a £100 room, that would be 1.7p per point. This means that at 1000 points for breakfast would be using £17 of points. You’d be exchanging potentially £60 worth of stay for a £20 shopping voucher.

Jurys Rewards points expiry

Points expire 12 months after the last earning. Redeeming points does not reset the expiry. If you don’t earn or redeem for 18 months your account will be closed and all points lost.

The only option is to stay again, or redeem them.

If you’re running out of time then you can always exchange 50 points for an entry in the prize draw to win a 2 night stay.

Jurys Rewards have not issued a points extension during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, points expiry is not an automatic process. Points are expired manually by a member of the loyalty team staff. As most staff were sent home on furlough, points due to expire have probably not yet expired.

If you have points due to expire, you may want contact Jurys Rewards via Twitter and request that they don’t expire your points. Although points have not been expiring while staff are furloughed it is unclear when the manual process of expiring points will resume. The only way to be sure is to earn more or redeem what you’ve got.

Jurys Rewards status match

It is possible to get a status match. Email them with proof of your status in another chain and you stand a good chance of being matched.

Hilton Diamond will certainly get Floor 3, as will IHG Platinum. Gold will get you floor 2 or floor 3 depending on your luck.

You may find that the status match comes with a caveat such as getting Floor 3 for 6 months unless you stay 10 nights, or something like that.

Contact jurysrewards@jurysinns.com

Jurys Rewards promos

As well as regular flash sales, there are some good competitions and giveaways on the Jurys Inn twitter account. They also frequently offer special rates for 2 night stays.

Jurys Rewards for business travellers

Jurys Inn do operate a rewards scheme for corporate bookers. Unless you actually are booking for lots of other employees you are much better off with the regular Jurys Rewards For Guests.

It is possible to get a corporate rate agreed, which you book through your Jurys Business Booker account, but earn your points in the Rewards For Guests scheme.

Business Booker means you get an agreed corporate rate subject to availability, and regular rates when the hotel is busy.

The verdict on Jurys Rewards

It’s a simple scheme with no exciting redemption or conversion options, but If you have a reason to stay often, then you can do very well out of it. The benefits are genuinely useful and room redemptions can be very good value.

I’ve found the hotels to be modern, spacious, and well thought out. In the Jurys Inns where I’ve been a regular, I’ve often received unexpected additional perks like complimentary breakfast, just as a “treat” for regular guests.

That’s the kind of care and attention you get.

OK, you can’t earn Avios or redeem for a beach villa in the South Pacific, but for regular UK city breaks or business stays it can be a good deal and a pleasant experience.

The page for booking Jurys Inn hotels is here.

The page for Jurys Rewards is here.

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