Top 10 accessories for the Mavic Mini

The magic Mavic Mini is the latest must-have travel accessory. It hasn’t been on the market for very long so the aftermarket scene is pretty sparse right now. It takes a bit of hunting to find the best accessories for the Mini, but we’ve scoured Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express to find the best options. You need to be careful when shopping for accessories for the Mini because many items designed for the much larger Mavic Pro are being sold simply by adding the words “Mavic Mini” to the description. In this guide we’ve done the work for you and picked out items that will fit the Mini or that have been specifically designed for it.

Travelling with a drone means a different set of requirements for accessories. Weight and size are much more important, and you also need to ensure that your drone and its parts are properly protected for travel. Travel also introduces the need for specialist fire-proof battery bags to comply with air travel regulations.

1. Penivo Mavic Mini Battery Bag

One of very few explosion and fire-proof battery bags tailor made for the Mavic Mini batteries
Weight 56g | Size 12x9x1.5cm | Capacity 3 batteries

Best for

  • Tailored fit for 3 batteries
  • Velcro fastening

The Mavic Mini is so new that the aftermarket hasn’t caught up yet, but here’s a fire-proof LiPo bag specifically for the Mini. These bags are an absolute must for travelling by air unless you want to be held up at the airport. This is one of few with free shipping.

  • Fire-Proof LiPo bag
  • Space for 3 batteries
  • Light weight
  • Internal dividers
Penivo Battery Bag

Fire-proof battery bag for Mavic Mini
£ 4


View at Amazon

sunnylife mavic mini battery bag

Ideal for Mavic Mini batteries

2. RC GearPro Mavic Mini Storage Bag

One of few available sized just for the Mini
Material EVA Hard Shell | Features Inner pocket, Zipper, Carry strap

Best for

  • EVA hard shell
  • Designed for Mini
  • Inner pocket for parts

Carry cases are where it really pays to be careful when shopping. So many of the ones being marketed for the Mini are actually sized for the Pro. You should also remember that for air travel you need to carry batteries separately in a fire-proof bag, so a case with space for batteries isn’t needed and will take up too much space in your carry-on. This one by RC GearPro is just big enough, and has a pouch for memory cards and those fiddly little screws.

RC GearPro Carry Case

Mavic Mini storage bag and carry case
£ 10


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rc gearpro mavic mini carry case

Compact size for travel

3. Sunshade

Essential for bright conditions
Compatability Mavic Pro, Air, Mini

Best for

  • Compact size
  • Folding
  • Fiddly to set-up first time

If you travel with your drone, expect to be flying in sunny conditions. It can be a struggle to see your phone screen, which compromises safety and fun and the quality of your photography. A sun shade makes a big difference. The great thing about this one is that it folds flat for easy packing.

Sun hood for DJI

£ 10


View at Amazon
Good idea

sun hood

Sometimes you just need one

4. RC GearPro Mavic Mini Propellers

It’s only a matter of time before you will need new propellers
Propellers 8 | Screws 12 | Screwdriver 1

Best for

  • Includes screws
  • 2 sets

Sooner or later you will damage a propeller. Trust me, any slight damage to a prop means you should replace it. If you don’t, it can fail in the air and then you’ve lost your drone. These are half the price of the official DJI propellers, although I would ignore the “low noise” claim without verification. There are several colours available, and lots of spare screws. You are going to lose the tiny little screws eventually, so carry spares.

RC GearPro Propellers

including screws and scredriver
£ 6


View at Amazon

rc gearpro mavic mini propellers

Half the price of DJI

5. Linghuang Propeller guard

The best designed is also the cheapest
Colour Red or black

Best for

  • Great design
  • Cheapest price

This is brilliant. What a clever idea! One thing you notice when you first unpack your Mavic Mini is that the props feel quite flimsy and vulnerable, and they spin around loosely when not in use. The screws make it too awkward to remove them after every use, but if you leave them flapping around they absolutely will get bent or damaged. This clever device keeps everything tightly in place. There are several competitors but this one gets the design just right and happens to be the cheapest by far. Perfect. 

Linghuang Propeller Guard

A genius idea
£ 8


View at Amazon

linghuang mavic mini propeller guard

This is so clever

6. Floating landing kit for Mavic Mini

Get some amazing shots in the pool or at the beach

Best for

  • Completely unique
  • Untested!

Well, this is unique! I reckon you’ll be pretty nervous when you first try landing on water, but if you’re on holiday at a villa with its own pool then this could let you get some really special shots for your instagram. I wouldn’t advise trying to land on open water though. One decent wave and you’ve had it!

Floating landing kit

£ 16


View at Amazon

floating landing kit for mavic mini

This could be interesting

7. Rantow Mavic Mini Protector Set

A complete set of essential protection
Contents Skin | Motor guards | Lens protector

Best for

  • Includes all you need
  • 2 lens covers
  • Only in red

There are several options for skins to brighten up and protect your drone, but this great set includes motor guards and two glass films to protect the lens. For under £11 this is everything you need to keep your Mini free of damage.

Rantow protector set

£ 10


View at Amazon

rantow mavic mini protector set

Complete kit

8. Folding Drone Landing Pad

The cheapest option

Best for

  • The cheapest option
  • A little large

When you take off and land outdoors where there is dust or grit or sand, the propellers kick up the dust which doesn’t just make your drone dirty but can cause damage if it gets inside the moving parts. When you take off on surfaces like grass where there are no distinctive marks, the drone struggles to find the exact take-off spot when landing automatically, because everything looks the same. A landing pad fixes both issues. Until a smaller one comes on the market, this is the best available price.

Folding drone landing pad

£ 9


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drone landing pad

Or wait for a smaller size to come out

9. Honbobo Pgytech Lens Filter for mavic Mini

Polarising ND filters for serious photographers
Contents ND8-PL | ND16-PL | ND32-PL | ND63-PL

Best for

  • Complete set
  • Nice design
  • Pricy

Get into travel photography and videography, whether with a drone or on the ground, and eventually you will invest in ND filters to deal with the kind of bright conditions you may not often see at home but you definitely get on your travels. This set isn’t cheap, but skimping on optical equipment is a false economy. These are machined from lightweight aluminium and have a scratch-resistant coating.

Honbobo Lens Filters

for tricky bright conditions
£ 65


View at Amazon

honbobo nd filters mavic mini

Not cheap, but if you need it, you need quality

10. Tineer Joystick for Mavic Mini

You’ll lose one eventually. Don’t let that happen while you’re on holiday without a spare…

Best for

  • Cheap

The Mavic Mini has clever little storage slots for the joysticks inside the controller, and being able to unscrew them allows a more compact carry case, but look, they’re tiny, you will lose one eventually, and if you don’t have a spare you’re really stuck. For six quid you can’t go wrong.

Tineer Joystick

an essential spare
£ 5


View at Amazon

tineer joystick mavic mini

You really just have to carry spares

Got another top accessory to recommend? Share in the comments below.

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