Best accessories for the Mavic 2 Pro

The impressive Mavic 2 Pro is the ultimate DJI drone. With its Hasselblad 20 megapixel camera and corresponding price tag, you don’t want to skimp when it comes to accessories like cases or lens filters.

If you have invested in a Mavic 2 Pro then don’t skimp on carry cases.

You need a hard case with waterproofing and tailored-fit foam inserts for impact protection.

This German built case is as good as it gets. It is the compact version, designed to hold the drone, controller, 3 batteries, props, and charger.

There is a bigger case if you have more batteries to carry.

It only fits the Smart Remote for the Mavic 2 Pro, not the standard Mavic 2 controller.

ND Lens Filters

For serious photography you need a set of ND filters.

Easy to fit, this is a complete set including polarisers.

As with carry cases, when it comes to optics there’s no sense skimping. These ones have coated optical quality glass.

Lume Cube Lighting Kit

The Lume Cube lights give your Mavic 2 Pro 3000 lumens of LED lighting.

Rechargeable via USB, controlled by Bluetooth, and including mounting brackets and carry case, this is serious kit.

Ideal for might time light painting, creative photography, surveillance, search & rescue, or just for controlling illumination of the subject for regular photography.

They are lightweight and have adjustable orientation.

Carbon Fibre Low Noise Propellers

You need spare props. Get good ones.

These low-noise propellers for the Mavic 2 Pro are made form carbon fibre for extra strength if you do happen to clip something in flight.

They reduce flight noise by as much as 4dB.

Mavic 2 Pro Car Charger

If you take the Mavic 2 Pro on road trips then you need on-the-go charging. This is a compact solution with built-in connectors for two batteries and the controller.

Floating Landing Gear

This is either a bit of fun or a brilliant essential.

If you’re filming at the beach or doing photography around a swimming pool or a still lake, this opens a world of opportunity to get creative.

If you’re shooting anywhere near water, it could be a lifesaver.

It’s also great for use in rough terrain where you can’t always deploy a landing pad. It keeps the drone a little bit higher, out of the line of fire of dust and grit kicked up by the props when landing or taking off.

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