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How to stop Jurys Rewards points expiring

How to stop Jurys Rewards points expiring

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Jurys Rewards points expiring has become a more likely situation for many people because of the coronavirus. What can you do?

When do Jurys Rewards points expire?

Jurys Rewards, the loyalty scheme of Jurys Inn hotels, is a great scheme with genuinely good benefits. See our full guide to Jurys Rewards.

Jurys Rewards points expire 12 months after the last earning. Redeeming points does not reset expiry.

The only way around it is to stay again or use what you’ve got.

Spending Jurys Rewards points

You need at least 5900 for the cheapest room and you can’t buy more points.

If you have a smaller balance you can exchange points for credit against food and drink on a future stay, or shopping vouchers, or wine. During the coronavirus pandemic these other redemptions have been removed because there are no staff available to process them, but the options should come back.

Jurys Rewards points extension during coronavirus

Jurys Rewards have not announced a points extension during coronavirus. However, expiration is not an automatic event. Points are expired manually by a member of the loyalty team. During the virus, most of the team were furloughed and so points expiry has not generally been happening.

It is not clear when points expiry will resume. There is a good chance that any points you have that are due to expire will remain valid for some time.

How to stop Jurys Rewards points expiring

The only guaranteed way to stop Jurys Rewards points expiring is to stay at a Jurys Inn hotel.

Points are not being expired while the loyalty team staff are furloughed during the virus.

When staff return to work, points may be expired. It is likely that other redemption options like shopping vouchers will be restored first, so keep an eye on your account and use your points when you can.

If you want to get more time, the only course of action is to contact Jurys rewards via Twitter and politely ask that they don’t expire your points.

If you’re worried about losing your points and have enough for a reward night, you could book a room for a far future date, and it should be possible to adjust the dates of that booking by contacting customer service, thereby keeping your points.

If you cancel the reward booking after the date when your points would have expired, it is likely that your points will be returned to your account and can be used again, but don’t rely on that. Instead, contact customer services and ask for the dates to be changed.

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