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Triple Club Eurostar points – Brilliant value until 29th February

Club Eurostar announces another bonus points promo

Club Eurostar is already offering double points for travel between London and The Netherlands, and has now added an offer for up to triple points on all routes.

Book by 29th February for travel between 1st and 31st March, and you’ll get:

  • Double points in Standard
  • Triple points in Standard Premier

This is potentially very lucrative. At 3 points per £ on a typical £200 Standard Premier return to Paris you would earn 600 Club Eurostar points.

500 points would allow you to upgrade a Standard ticket to Standard Premier one way.

If you could do just 2 return trips during this promo you could earn, depending on ticket price, enough points to upgrade a return trip. In our Club Eurostar guide you’ll see that upgrades can be one of the best value ways to use Club Eurostar points.

The bonus points don’t count towards status. The offer applies to any direct service, and “Belgian station” journey, and any Eurostar + TGV ticket.

You must register in Club Eurostar before booking or add your membership number to the booking before travelling.

See our full guide to Club Eurostar including an analysis of the points value.

The value of a Club Eurostar point varies a lot depending on how and when you use it, but used wisely is worth 10p or more.

You earn 1 point per £ spent, so during this promo you would be getting back points worth more than 30% of your ticket price.

Book Eurostar tickets here.

Double Club Eurostar points to Amsterdam and Rotterdam

The new offer is more lucrative if you travel in Standard Premier and are travelling in March.

After March if you have plans to travel to Amsterdam or Rotterdam later in the year then you still have an opportunity for double points.

Book by 25th February for double Club Eurostar points on trips to the Netherlands.

  • Travel to Amsterdam between 30 April and 30 June 2020
  • Travel to Rotterdam between 18 May and 30 June 2020

Clearly the double points Netherlands offer is to promote the new direct services.

I wonder if the triple points promo reflects lower passenger numbers due to the Coronavirus effect. Business travel is going on as normal but there are reduced tourist numbers throughout Europe as Asian visitors stay at home. Look at all the pictures around the internet of places like the Eiffel Tower being much quieter than normal.

Eurostar clearly want to boost ticket sales.

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