24 May

luxury, originally uploaded by Big Al!.

First overnight in luxury. It won’t be like this anymore! Only two breakdowns on the first day, but we made it. Off through the tunnel at 10 today. My sister alison is making up breakfast at half 6 on a sunday morning!

We’re off!

23 May

Today’s the day. No more time to worry about planning and preparing, if it’s not right now it never will be. We have passports full of visas, a bike full of fuel, it’s not dark and I’m wearing a tinted visor! Hit it!
Ready to go!

Watch This Space!

26 Mar

Ride Round The World begins on 24/5/09, when two idiots will set off on a half-baked plan to ride a couple of old Yamahas about 30,000 miles through 34 countries, crossing Europe, Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, and the Pan American highway from Canada to Argentina.

We don’t really know what we’re doing……